Some like it hot: Devil’s food shake

There’s something daring about the idea of chill and chocolate which excites the brain. Walking past Bean Bar on the way to the gym they have a poster which says “chilli hot chocolate, do you dare?”. I like a challenge. When someone says ‘you can’t eat xxx, can you?”, the stubborn girl in me fires More…

Choc-mint super imunity shake

I’ve been using Hemp Protien as a non-workout protein powder.Hemp has a good balance of omega-3’s to omega-6’s, is high in insoluable fibre and has an almost complete amino profile. Another reason you might want to look at hemp is if you’re trying to reduce the amount of bloating caused by dairy based protein powders. I’m not much of a shake person, much prefering whole foods as I find shakes don’t really fill me up. This is an exception. Must be all that fibre in the hemp! In addition to the hemp protein I’ve used rice protein. Again, this is a easily digestable plant protein and a great choice for those with problems digesting dairy.