20 Vegan Protein Sources, they’re not what you think

A healthy vegan diet can provide plenty of protein. However, much of the available information  suggested vegan protein sources which aren’t actually that dense in protein.  This handy chart gives you 20 vegan protein sources with 20g of protein. Take special note of both the calories and the quantity of each vegan protein source. So called ‘good More…

Cauliflower, Carrot and Chickpea Veggie Burgers

For years I’ve searched for a veggie burger recipe which is not dry and stodgy. One that’s nutritious, high in protein and not just fried breadcrumbs and potato. I wanted something substantial, that doesn’t sit in your stomach like a rock. This burger recipe uses cauliflower to keep the burger light and fluffy while the More…

Cheesy Broccoli Pancakes

Grilling cheese gives such a lovely golden crust, the kind that wouldn’t normally fit a healthy eating repertoire. These healthy snacks break all the rules.

Coconut crepes, with banana cream and blueberries

After losing the photos I’d taken for Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day from my camera I was a little frustrated but posted a link to these cauliflower pancakes. From this I was asked about crepes. You see, it’s quite easy to make fluffy pancakes, but much harder to get soft delicate crepes without the magic binding properties More…

Fluffy high-protein banana muffins

They take next to no time to prepare and use ingredients that are available at my tiny local supermarket. Plus, there’s no artificial ingredients or protein powders in these? What’s not to love?!

Baked Mousse Cakes

Soft and fluffy little escapes from the mundane life of protein and vegetables. These two recipes will get you through the tightest of dieting dilemmas.