Heavenly Choc-coconut Spread

 You could pay big bucks for a store bought jar of choc-coconut butter or you could make your own for pennies and customise it to your liking. Add some cocoa nibs for a crunchy texture, or add some spice for a bit of a kick.

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Prownies

If last week’s super indulgent chocolate brownies fall into the ‘oh no’ category then these prownies (healthy low-carb protein brownies) might be more your style. The trick to keeping these moist is to use a combination of protein powders. For this recipe I chose to experiment with hemp protein.

A lighter Tiramisu

Every December 23rd I make a tiramisu for my husband Stephen’s birthday. It’s dead easy, but we don’t make many desserts, so it only comes out once a year. Traditionally mascarpone, a super thick Italian cream cheese is used, making this dish sugar and fat personified. However, with a few simple switches the calories, fat More…

Chocolate Chilli Mango Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is a simple and tasty way to get more fibre and omega-3s in a vegan diet. Add in the flavours of mango and chocolate and what’s not to like?

Baked Mousse Cakes

Soft and fluffy little escapes from the mundane life of protein and vegetables. These two recipes will get you through the tightest of dieting dilemmas.

Some like it hot: Devil’s food shake

There’s something daring about the idea of chill and chocolate which excites the brain. Walking past Bean Bar on the way to the gym they have a poster which says “chilli hot chocolate, do you dare?”. I like a challenge. When someone says ‘you can’t eat xxx, can you?”, the stubborn girl in me fires More…