How to poach an egg

Have you ever wondered how to get perfectly poached eggs at home? Here are two methods taught to me by an internationally recognised chef. The first method being his preferred way of feeding himself after a long shift behind the stove.

Times listed below are for room temperature eggs. Add 30 seconds–1 minute for eggs direct from the fridge.

Eggs Bene the healthy version of eggs benedict

Eggs Bené
This ‘good’ version of Eggs Benedict doesn’t need to be reserved for a lazy Sunday. As featured in the Healthy Helpings Recipe book pg, 34.

Poaching in a microwave: Lightly grease a mug with cooking spray
and 1/2 fill with water. Break the egg into the water. Place the mug in the centre of the microwave and cook
for 60 seconds on high (100% power). Check and, if necessary, continue cooking in 20 seconds increments until you discover the correct amount of time for your microwave.

Poaching on the stove-top: Fill a pan to 6cm with water. Heat the water until tiny bubbles appear around the edges of the pan. Place
a large piece of plastic wrap across the top of a shallow dish and spray with cooking oil. Crack an egg into the centre of the plastic. Gather the edges of the plastic and twist tightly. Place the bundle into the poaching water and cook for 3-4 minutes. Slide a slotted spoon under the eggs to fish them out and use a pair of scissors to cut the plastic away, just below the twist. You can poach multiple eggs at once using this technique.