Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an e-book version of Healthy Helpings?

No, there are no plans for an e-book. However, Healthy Helpings comes with 200 pages, expertly printed and waiting for youto splash your food on and scribble notes in it’s margins.

Do I need to know how to cook to use this book?

No, Each recipe is explained in simple terms, with step-by-step instructions. Any unfamiliar techniques are explained in the sidebar of each page.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, items are shipped internationally via Australia Post. We do not charge any mark-up on  international shipping. Shipping to Europe, Canada and the USA ranges between $15–$20 per item.

How are the ingredients measured?

The ingredients are listed in metric (grams, kilograms, litres etc.), US/imperial (pounds and ounce) and cups/tablespoons; making the recipes easy to follow no mater where you live.

I am gluten/dairy/wheat/soy intolerant, are there many recipes for me?

Yes, 90% of the recipes are gluten free/dairy free and all recipes which include allergens also note suitable alternatives.

Is this book just for fat loss?

No, Healthy Helpings is full of nutrient dense recipes which are perfect for both fat-loss and muscle gain. Each recipe offers small or large serves. Large serves are perfect for the athlete looking to put on lean muscle while avoiding gaining too much fat.

Do I need any special equipment to cook from Healthy Helpings?

No, you only need basic kitchen equipment to get started. A knife, a frying pan, a chopping board and a mixing bowl will do. Some recipes suggest using a food processor or stick blender. These will make your cooking faster and easier but are not important for most of the recipes.